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Exodus: Gods and Kings – Where are the Black Egyptians? 3 Replies

Peace fam.I hope all is well with you all.I haven't been here in a while but felt i had to share a couple of things, one is my new website (link below) and my thoughts on a film that is due out later…Continue

Tags: Kings, Ridley, Scott, and, Gods

Started by KMT in Uncategorized. Last reply by MelaninMagic yesterday.

Black Men and European Ponography 3 Replies

Peace Family,I have friends of mine who travel all over the African Continent, who've communicated to me, that when they go venture into internet cafes, they notice the large amounts of Black men…Continue

Started by Bro. Ruler Ra in Culture & Family. Last reply by Fusion Radio on Sunday.

China's Second Continent 4 Replies

As I'm writing a business plan in Barnes & Noble, I came across a book that will pique your interest. It's entitled CHINA'S SECOND CONTINENT: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in…Continue

Started by Minister 8-Ball in Politics and History. Last reply by Madala Fronse Jul 19.


Check Mating Washington in its Own Backyard with BRICSIANSEThe…Continue

Tags: africa, politics, economics, china, brazil

Started by Keidi Awadu in Economics and Finance. Last reply by Madala Fronse Jul 16.

Brother Brandon update.

We have not heard from Brother Brandon for awhile.

Started by Jackie Williams in Education, Skills Building and Information Jul 11.

Where Can I Get The RBG Flag With The Fist And Rifle?

I've been looking to replace my damaged flag since 2006 but  can't find this anywhere!Continue

Started by King Jason in Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism Jul 9.

You Decide If We End the Living In Black Social Network 18 Replies

It looks like we are down to the last…Continue

Tags: to, power, road, community, in

Started by Keidi Awadu in Culture & Family. Last reply by Keidi Awadu Jul 8.

Shattering The Meat Myth: Humans Are Natural Vegetarians 21 Replies

Posted: 06/11/09 02:34 PM ETGoing through the comments of some of my recent posts, I noticed the frequently stated notion that eating meat was an essential step in human evolution. While this notion…Continue

Tags: lifestyle, vegan, vegetarian, diet, food

Started by Sun Ship in Health and Environment. Last reply by King Jason Jul 6.

The Myth Of The Absent Black Father 3 Replies


Tags: myths, Race, fatherhood, Control, for

Started by Kimathi in Culture & Family. Last reply by Cory Jul 1.

How the trauma of life is passed down in SPERM, affecting the mental health of future generations 5 Replies

If you are interested in biology and heredity genetics, this is an interesting…Continue

Tags: biology, rna, environment, health, detoxification

Started by Keidi Awadu in Health and Environment. Last reply by Mestre P Jun 23.


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Use this to list and promote your organization, what you do and your contact infromation.
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The Global Day of the Drum will be the most astounding Pan African event in history. This year will establish it as an annual Pan African Cultural Holiday. It will "Shake the World" from major cities around the world in Africa, US, Caribbean, S.A.
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Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Languages and Liberation

We dewhitenize parts of the brain others can't reach facilitating reAfrikanization throughout the Afrikan World. reAfrikanization + dewhitenization x inspiration = Total Afrikan LiberationSee More
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Shri Sa Hetep joined Mwalimu Kabaila's group


This organization, now in its formative stage seeks to design development strategies and ways and means of implementing them, in order to address the need for infra-structure building in our communities on the continent and in Diaspora.
4 hours ago
Madala Fronse left a comment for Randall Thomas
"A kwaba, welcome to LIB. Feel free to join Groups , Discussions or Blogs. Ours is Concious, Afrikan Centered, Global Family."
14 hours ago
MelaninMagic replied to KMT's discussion Exodus: Gods and Kings – Where are the Black Egyptians?
"these fools would not know what a real God or king looked like if one was sitting right next to them on a bus somewhere :)"
King Jason replied to KMT's discussion Exodus: Gods and Kings – Where are the Black Egyptians?
"I just recently saw a youtube vid thought I was sure would be legit.  It was titled something to effect of Kemet Land of Osiris, Things Egytologist don't want you to know.  Needless to say to lecturer makes some fantastic claims but…"
King Jason replied to KMT's discussion Exodus: Gods and Kings – Where are the Black Egyptians?
"They will find ample numbers of very dark Blacks to portray as slaves. "


Here are some of the latest and hottest titles in our catalog at
Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America - This is perhaps the hardest hitting documentary of our generation, or at least within decades. It explains in awesome detail the evolution of a sinister conspiracy to eliminate black people from the U.S. from before the end of slavery up to the present. Shows how the covert eugenics movement went underground and ultimately found the perfect weapon to eliminate Blacks from the U.S. population, and how many black elites are fully cooperating with the plan. DVD $20 (M21-DVD)

Maafa 21




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