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read this and see what is happen!!!!Continue

Started by Bro Bigman in Culture & Family. Last reply by Ramean May 2.

black Guerrila Family / Bloods / Crips as you've never seen them: positively 1 Reply

this is the most positive portrayal I've ever seen of Gang life... Ever!! Even if this is only alternative media and YouTube, this is an incredible perspective.…Continue

Started by BLACKWATCH in Politics and History. Last reply by Cory Apr 29.

"Futurism" and Future Studies

When most of us think about "futurism", future studies or other means of over-the-horizon forecasting, what comes immediately to…Continue

Tags: history, culture, africa, power, economics

Started by Keidi Awadu in Politics and History Apr 22.

Black Men Are Being Murdered, Incarcerated or Cowards

Many of us have known about Black Men Incarceration Statistics since the federal government implemented its "War On Black People" masquerading as a "War On Drugs" back in the 1990s.  Black African…Continue

Started by Charles E. Campbell in Culture & Family Apr 21.

Services for Dr Ben 2 Replies

For Immediate Release - Dr. J is in the Modern Age with Technology To facilitate the interest in he Services for Dr. Yosef A.A. ben Jochannan, they will be streamed live with the following schedule…Continue

Started by sekhmet in Culture & Family. Last reply by Nubianwarrior Queen Apr 10.

Solution To California's Drought

Solution To California’s…Continue

Started by Charles E. Campbell in Culture & Family Apr 7.

An Ebola Outbreak Would Be Advantageous For Globalists 6 Replies

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 02:39 Brandon SmithIt's sad to say with such finality, but a universal fact of existence is that most of the people you meet in this life are fundamentally and functionally…Continue

Started by Diane Friday in Culture & Family. Last reply by Diane Friday Apr 6.

Ghana Repatriation & Investment Tour Oct 2015 4 Replies

Africa for the Africans is a black-owned; Atlanta based international business enterprise, specializing in Africa tours and investment services. The African slave trade completely divided our people…Continue

Tags: accra, kumasi, akan, culture, network

Started by Bomani Tyehimba in Education, Skills Building and Information. Last reply by Bomani Tyehimba Apr 5.


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The UPS man just dropped off the first of the DVD's and I am really excited. Tired...but excited.

Thanks to you all who have come on board and you will be wonderfully please with what you have invested. There is still a long way to go as I now have to come up with the marketing budget. Nonethless, we should be proud of ourselves for having some this far. I'll be shipping out copies on Monday and Tuesday to all of the crowdfunding investors who opted for the DVD package. As well, with the books, I have a limited number but will send them out in the order that they donations were made until I'm able to RAISE MORE FUNDS to replenish the book stock.

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Just released, a major report on the tremendous opportunities in Pan African Economic Development: THE SUN RISES IN THE EAST by Keidi Awadu

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KUJICHAGULIA  VILLAGES: A Practical Plan for Self-Determination - By Keidi Awadu / Conscious Rasta Report Vol 7 No 2, July 2013

The latest edition of the long-running cutting edge research series explores the many ways in which African people within the U.S. and other Diaspora cities are failing to secure a spectrum of critical needs for sustainability: clean water, wholesome food, sustainable economics, secuirty, education and optimal health.  After careful and thorough examination of the problems we herein present a broad set of practical solutions.  

We have been blessed as a people with many valuable talents and resources.   Yet, mismanagement of our resources has put our group at an historical peril.  Through the construction of these culturally based agri-economies, we can restore a sense of Self-Determination to the mass of our people.  Conscious Rasta Report Vol 7 No 2 - $10.00

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We now have in our catalog one of the fundamental books of the African Centered movement: George GM James' classic STOLEN LEGACY: The Greek Philosophy is a Stolen Egyptian Philosophy. More than just a forensic anthorpolical deconstruction, James points out some of the most power concepts in spirituality, psychology, Universal Law and metaphysical principles that were inadequately filtered through Greek philosophers.
You must get this book and study it thoroughlly. This book is perfectly suited for cultural study groups. Only $10.00 plus postage of $3.50. Email info[at] for inquiries on discount for bulk purchases.

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Sunlight Continues To Damage Skin In The Dark

"What is also interesting to note is that Barium based compounds such as Barium Sulfate are an active ingredient in many SPF sunscreen lotions. Humans are well adapted to trace amounts of Barium due to exposure over several million years. If one…"
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Ascension and Freedom Are Possible

                                                              From The Ramparts                                                          Junious Ricardo Stanton                                                     Ascension and Freedom Are Possible “For instance, within ordinary human experience, a different ‘world’ or life is experienced by someone who is usually angry or resentful (lower vibrational emotion) compared to someone who feels gratitude and acceptance (higher vibrational emotion). …See More
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Petition 4 Power App Commerical

Petition 4 Power Youtube Commericial This video is a commercial for a political app named "Petition 4 Power" available for sale on the Googleplay Store at …See More
May 17
DAUDI MAHALI left a comment for Ramean
"greetings Bro Ramean's this is DAUDI MAHALI  a long time friend of LIVING IN BLACK from NYC live in OAKLAND CA 4 25 years now living in Ghana wast Afrika and loving it i will see u over here soon much raspect DAUDI MAHALI"
May 17
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Sunlight Continues To Damage Skin In The Dark

"Is this nature's way of taking care of business? It has been known for some time now that U.V radiation induces photolysis of folate (naturally occurring folic acid) and other life critical amino acids in vivo. Furthermore, research has shown…"
May 16


Here are some of the latest and hottest titles in our catalog at
Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America - This is perhaps the hardest hitting documentary of our generation, or at least within decades. It explains in awesome detail the evolution of a sinister conspiracy to eliminate black people from the U.S. from before the end of slavery up to the present. Shows how the covert eugenics movement went underground and ultimately found the perfect weapon to eliminate Blacks from the U.S. population, and how many black elites are fully cooperating with the plan. DVD $20 (M21-DVD)

Maafa 21



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What Does It Mean To Be A Human Being?

Posted by THiNKTaNK on May 20, 2015 at 3:17am

The Power of Logical & Moral Reasoning

Posted by THiNKTaNK on May 20, 2015 at 3:14am


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